RRR Program

Cash For Cleanup

Humboldt County’s new commercial cannabis ordinance will be sunsetting the Retirement Remediation and Relocation (RRR) program for existing cultivation sites on January 1, 2019. The RRR programs incentive allows a site that had 5,000 square feet of legacy cannabis cultivation (between Jan 1, 2006 and Jan 1, 2016) to receive 20,000 square feet of cultivation that can be placed on a correctly zoned parcel with slopes less than 15%. If the legacy cultivation is greater than 20,000 ft, you may receive a 1-1 incentive (25,000 square feet of legacy cultivation = 25,000 square feet of cultivation you can relocate) up to an Acre. You are able to sell your right to cultivate as an RRR and retain your property. With the daunting requirements of the newest cannabis ordinance in order to make your cultivation legal, including the requirement that existing cultivators will have to shut down operations until a permit is issued (estimated time, 2 years. With the county issuing the Notice to Abate Nuisance letters that carry a $10,000 a day fine, this may be an excellent (if not the only) alternative for those who are unable to make their cultivation legal, but want to retain their land and put a little money in their pocket. The eligibility for parcels to RRR under ordinance 1.0 was difficult. Under ordinance 2.0 parcels are eligible if they meet any one of the following requirements:

  • source of irrigation water from surface water diversion without DWR water right or permit or DFW streambed alteration permit, or
  • served by roads which do not conform with one or more access performance standards specified under Section 55.4.12, or
  • with slopes in excess of 15%, or
  • where the cultivation area location does not comply with the required setbacks.
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