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Flow chart summarizing the Humboldt County MMLU ordinance process.

Fish and Wildlife

  • Lake or Stream Bed Alteration (Culvert Sizing and Permitting)

State Water Reasources Control Board

  • Initial Statement of Water Diversion and Use
  • Small Domestic Use Appropriation
  • Small Irrigation Use Registration
  • Appropriative Water Rights
  • Rainwater Catchment Systems

North Coast Water Regional Water Quality Control Board

  • Filing your Notice of Intent
  • Developing a Water Resource Protection Plan 

County Permits

Important Resources and Links

Pond Design and Grading


Water storage is a major asset for any property and a pond is the best way to store it all. Green Road can design and engineer your pond by using accurate 3D modeling to generate surfaces and build a pond to fit your needs.

Humboldt County Land Use Permits

  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing


County Planning and Building

  • Grading Permits for ponds and flats
  • Building Permits (new or existing structures) 

GRC Specialties

Green Road Consulting wants to help get your property and business into compliance with all of the different agencies.

Engineering - Planning - Construction Management