A Farmer’s Growing Decision

The passing of the Humboldt County Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance on February
26, 2016 has put a serious deadline on the Humboldt Cannabis Farmer. The reason the deadline so
crucial is due to how the county wrote and passed the Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use
Ordinance. In the ordinance there are two ways to obtain cultivation permits. The grow either has to be
existing before January 1 of 2016, or new farms are allowed as long as they meet the correct
requirements of zoning, slopes and soil types. The large majority of cannabis farmers across Humboldt
are located in non-traditional agriculture areas, therefor, only qualify as “existing grows.” The August
23 rd deadline is the last day for registering as an existing grow. If the deadline is missed, there is
currently no other way for a farm that does not meet the “new grow” requirements to come into
compliance with Humboldt County.
The Commercial Cannabis Activity Registration Form is the first step in obtaining a county cultivation
permit. Having your business entity information, Assessor Parcel Number and providing some basic
aerial mapping of the existing cultivation space is what it takes to complete step 1. Check out GRC’s July
and August special if you are looking for some help or cannot find the cultivation square footage you are
looking for. Missing one small deadline can turn into missing out on a future of owning and running a legal cannabis
business that so many farmers and advocates have dreamed about for years. Green Road Consulting
would like to help get you on your path to a greener future.

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